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Power Supply

A "Power Supply" is more than just an electronic device. It is the "heart" of our customers' systems and the core element of safety, compliance and reliability. TDK-Lambda’s product catalog of over 6,000 standard models provides us with the largest selection of power platforms to leverage our value add capabilities for our POWER + Solutions.

If your needs aren’t met by our standard products, TDK-Lambda's POWER + Solutions can be utilized to support your requirements.

Value Add

Any TDK-Lambda power supply may be used as a starting point, and your Power + Solution/Modified Standard will retain the proven reliability of the product from which it was modified.

Modified Standard

Examples included Input/Output connector, signal, output voltage adjustment, conformal coating, firmware change, reduced leakage current, addition of test points or indicator lights, etc.

Power +

Examples include custom racks or enclosures, communication/control, ruggedization, special wire harnesses, switches, fuses, fans, heat sinks, and other additional functionality.

Value Add

The "PLUS" in Power +

Faster Time to Market Low Cost Manufacturing & Reduced System Cost
Increased Productivity (High Level Assembly and Turnkey Solutions)
World Class Design & Engineering Support
Lower Development Risk
Reliable "heart" of your system

The PLUS in  Power +

Mechanical/Electrical/Firmware Capabilities

  • Filter design for specific ripple and noise standards
  • Full Digital Monitoring and Control
  • Design and Simulation Tools (3D modeling, thermal, stress and mass simulation)
  • Firmware development
  • Battery charging solutions
  • Voltage adjustments
  • Cable assemblies/custom interconnects
  • Product ruggedization
  • Advanced Topologies (Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC)

Safety, Compliance, Quality and Testing

  • Safety Compliance Engineering/Full Turnkey Certification
  • Expert knowledge of UL, TÜV, CSA, CE and CB schemes
  • ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485 certified facilities
  • ITAR Compliance
  • ITE, Industrial and Medical Safety/EMC Standards
  • HALT, HASS and additional Environmental Testing
  • 100% parametric DVT testing

Collaborative Design Approach

  • TDK-Lambda's Engineering team is an extension of our customers' Engineering teams
  • Global field engineering support for you
  • Extensive Design Integration and Program Management Support

Global Manufacturing and Design Support

  • Six Global ISO9001 and ISO14001 Engineering centers in Japan, China, Singapore, UK, Israel and USA
  • Manufacturing locations in Japan, China, Europe, Asia and the Americas

Breadth of Product Strength

  • More than 6,000 fully qualified standard models to be used as building blocks
  • AC-DC, DC-DC, High Voltage and Programmable AC-DC, DC-DC power supplies
  • Additional products include EMC and EMI noise filters

70+ Years of Knowledge and Expertise

  • Leaders in the development and application of advanced technologies
  • More than 700 patents
  • Integrating latest components (GaN semiconductors) and design techniques

Legendary Quality

  • Professional Failure Analysis
  • Process Capability Index (Cp, CpK Requirements)
  • Advanced Statistical Controls
  • Industry-leading Warranties
  • Rigid component Approved Vendor List (AVL) selection and management

Reliability by Design

  • Detailed EVT/DVT test plans
  • Product qualification consistent with IPC9592B guidelines
    (HALT, HASS, TCT, THB, shock and vibration and demonstrated life testing)
  • Reliability Models (MTBF, Bel-core, Mil-Std-217)
  • Component Stress Analysis
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Accumulating more than 70 years of know-how and history, TDK-Lambda is a world class leader in the design and manufacture of power supplies for the Industrial, Medical, Semiconductor, Communications and Test & Measurement market.
#1 Global Supplier for Industrial and Medical Power Supplies (Source: IHS Market)