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The reliability of power management dictates the performance of any industrial application.

Safe and Reliable Medical Power Supplies
to bring Next Generation Medical Devices to Life!

  • Medical Robots for Surgery
  • Healthcare Services Robots
  • Holographic Anatomy Surgery Assistance
  • Intelligent Surgical Tools
  • 3D Medical Printing (Prosthesis and Artificial Organs)
  • MRI and X-Ray Machines with Instant Detection of Disease Areas

Latest Industry Trends

New Standards for patient safety

21 CFR Part 820.5, MDSAP, MDR, ISO13486:2016 are new initiatives for supplier controls for consistency in product manufacturing ultimately improving patient safety.

606061 4th Ed EMC

The most significant change is inclusion of higher EMC requirements and updated immunity standards for use in areas outside of hospitals and less controlled environments.

BF (Body Floating)Classification

BF compliant designs having 1.5kVAC Output - Ground and 4kVAC Input - Output Isolation spacings for withstand voltage, special transformer design and construction, meets Safety defined creepage distances, air clearances, leakage currents.

Construction class II

Reduced length of hospital stays, increased number of outpatient clinics/services leads to increasing popularity of portable, home medical equipment. Since proper grounding can't be guaranteed in uncontrolled locations (outside of hospitals), IEC60601-1-11 states that Class II equipment protect non-professional users from electrical shock by approaching all home settings as if they do not have protective earth ground wiring.


Specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization demonstrates the ability to consistently meet customer/regulatory requirements (through risk management).

Product/Process Change

Uncontrolled changes affect safety and reliability of products, directly impacting public health and safety.

Higher Reliability

"Longer equipment product life cycles, up to 20 years with instrument performance expected throughout the life cycle. High quality E-Caps and conservative derating ensures optimum performance."

Peak Power

Peak power load capability for 2-3 minutes. Conduction cooled units and special attention to parameters help achieve this.

Low Audible Noise

Patient and operator vicinity environments require quieter or silent power supplies. Convection and conduction cooled units help with this trend.

A power supply is more
than just an electronic device....


It is the heart of our customers' systems
and the core element of safety and reliability.

We are one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers of high quality medical power supply solutions. According to IHS Market's 2018 AC-DC & DC-DC Merchant Market report, we became the leading power supply manufacturer for the medical device market in 2017.

Our convection-cooled ML series was released in 1979, which featured a modular design for multiple outputs. This enabled medical device engineers to use a single-unit "fanless" solution that produced low acoustic noise.

We are certified and approved to design and manufacture power supplies for medical applications using our own testing facilities to generate UL and CB safety reports and test data. Our medical power supplies are approved for the latest medical safety standards and meet 4th Edition EMC compliance requirements. Multiple ISO 13485 manufacturing facilities demonstrate our ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Explore our products and see why TDK-Lambda leads the market in medical power solutions.

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